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Pepperoni Pizza

Homemade Pizza

It’s Saturday night and that means it’s pizza time! Our homemade pizza recipe has been through many iterations, and this one is the best. When you’re looking for a fun time at home, try out our homemade pizza recipe.

Alphabet Tomato Soup

Alphabet Tomato Soup

The quest for alphabet pasta started when I found a cute recipe for tomato soup with pasta letters. However, over the span of 6 months I searched high and low for alphabet pasta, to no avail. I checked all my local grocery stores, and didn’t see any. I checked online, where I thought I found […]

Fall Harvest Pasta

Fall Harvest Pasta with Roasted Walnuts and Sage Brown Butter

If you’re looking for the best fall dinner recipe, look no further. This recipe is bursting with the flavors of fall: roasted walnuts, sage brown butter sauce, pomegranate seeds, and even pumpkin shaped pasta! We found inspiration from Trader Joe’s Fall Zucchette Pasta. (We aren’t getting paid to mention them – just wanted to let […]



Bibimbap is a South Korean dish that is made from leftover vegetables and meat served over rice. We hope you enjoy this recipe to make bibimbap at home!

Jambalaya Recipe

Jambalaya Penne

The chef had a hankering for jambalaya when we saw fresh okra at the farmer’s market this morning. This recipe is a twist on the classic Cajun comfort food.

Pork Spare Ribs

St. Louis Style Pork Spare Ribs

We finally had a lazy Saturday to hang out at home home this weekend. So the chef used our normal grill to slowly smoke spare ribs all day. By the time they were down, they smelled just heavenly.

Pork Dumplings

Pork Dumplings

Making dumplings by hand is a special treat in our household. These pork dumplings are savory with a subtle sweetness, and pair well with a tart and spicy dipping sauce.

Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto

This Spring I planted seeds to grow a kitchen herb garden (basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, sage, and cilantro). Amazingly, they’ve grown into big plants and now I have a mountain of basil. The most delicious way to use a couple cups of basil leaves is by making pesto!

Roll Sushi

Sushi Rolls

We invited friends over for a “create your own sushi night.” Since this was our first time making sushi at home, we decided to make rolls with precooked ingredients – aka no raw meat. Here are the recipes for California rolls, sweet potato rolls, and spicy crab rolls.

Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich

Waldorf Salad Sandwich

The chef treated me to a lunch-date last week. We shared a chicken salad sandwich, that is sweet and savory with a subtle toasty nutty taste.

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