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Ferret Cookies

How to Make a Custom Cookie Cutter Shape

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iPhone Photography

How to Take Great Looking Food Photos with an iPhone

When starting a food blog, one of the most challenging things to learn is how to take good looking photographs of your food. I’m not a professional photographer, so I don’t have a studio set or a professional camera. Instead, I take the food photos with my iPhone. However, I’ve found some really great ideas […]

Spice Rack Label

Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Spices

Have you ever rummaged around looking for a specific spice, and vowed someday to organize your kitchen spices so it doesn’t take 10 minutes to find the cinnamon next time? It’s time to seize the day, and make it happen! Today I’m going to outline how to make reorganizing your kitchen spices fun. I had […]

Thanksgiving Countdown

Thanksgiving Countdown

It’s time to start the Thanksgiving countdown! To help inspire your menu for Thanksgiving feast, here is a list of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. From green beans to stuffing, our aim is to help you cook amazing food to share with your friends and family. Let me just say that Thanksgiving is the chef’s favorite holiday. […]

Cooking Lesson

How Being Wed to a Chef Improved My Cooking Skills

For my bachelorette party, my thoughtful maid of honor worked with a local Thai restaurant to customize a menu with special things from my relationship with the chef. The menu included a section called “Next Week’s Specials,” where they inserted the first meals that we made for each other. The first meal that the chef […]

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