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Hello and welcome to our blog! We decided to start a food blog because I am learning a lot about cooking from my husband, and we thought you might enjoy learning something, too! Also, we decided that a cooking blog would be a fun new activity to do as a married couple! (Unlike when my hubby hiked up a steep mountain or when I watched hours of super hero shows in the name of love, we are both looking forward to cooking and blogging together.)

My husband is a talented chef who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. He has an amazing memory for things like Game of Thrones genealogies and Marvel plot threads. I work as a web designer and enjoy gardening, baking, art history, and graphic design. I also like to make custom art which you can find on my Etsy page!

We met serving at our church’s children’s service. He was volunteering with the 4th grade boys, and I was volunteering with the 5th grade girls. One morning someone brought in homemade crêpes with fresh berry syrup and whipped cream. After taking a plate, I asked around to see who brought in the tasty breakfast…and then went over to thank the chef. I guess it’s not that surprising that he caught my eye with delicious food, haha.

Our dating life seemed to revolve around food and art. I’d recommend going to a city to visit an art museum, and the chef would pick out the best restaurants to visit. For example, we went to the Guggenheim and then Momofuku’s ramen bar. It’s a really fun way to visit new places!

You’d think that after working all day in a kitchen, the chef wouldn’t want to cook at home. However, he has a great job in a corporate kitchen which means he works during the day and even gets home before me most days. I love coming home and seeing what he has whipped up in the kitchen!

We hope you enjoy learning how to cook delicious dinners with us!


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