Now For Something Completely Different…How to Supreme Citrus


After an extended hiatus the Mrs. and I have decided that a simple “How To” post would be a fun way to jump back into blogging. Slicing citrus supremes is a simple technique that elevates any dish. Why do you think McD’s puts mandarin orange slices on their salads? In a few simple steps a dish can be augmented with a fresh slice of blood orange, adding brightness and color.

Step 1

Begin with a sharp flexible knife (preferably a bendy boning knife) if you feel more comfortable with a shorter knife use what feels good, so long as it is sharp.

Step 2

Pick your citrus of choice: oranges, limes, grapefruits, etc.

Step 3

The top and bottom sliced off (

Carefully slice the top and bottom off of the fruit. This is key so that your orange won’t roll off your cutting board.

Step 4


Slicing away the peel (

With knife in hand, set the fruit cut side up, with the cut face up it is easy to see where the white fuzzy rind ends and the meat of the fruit begins. Carefully cutting outwards in a downwards motion along the curve of the fruit cutting as close to the meat of the fruit without slicing too much off.

Step 5

Segment Orange
Slicing away membrane to free up segments (

At this point slip the knife between the thin white membrane dividing the segments and the delicate flesh of the fruit. Slicing towards the center of the fruit without cutting through the whole fruit. Repeat Step 5 until all the segments are free from the membrane

Sliced Orange
Final orange supremes (
Now that the segments are cut from the skeleton of the fruit, feel free to snack on them or use them to accompany a fluffy waffle or slender crepe. Experiment and see how you can utilize your new skill to wow family and friends!

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